Ink Tank Podcast

002 | The “Dream Nib” Crisis

May 31, 2019

Michael and David discuss the "Dream Nib" crisis, where vintage calligraphy nibs are being price gouged on eBay for extravagant amounts while misrepresenting the original intention of the "Dream Point List".

Listen to a familiar story about mathematicians hoarding the infamous "Hagoromo" chalk (1:18) and the similarities with the online calligraphy community's obsession with Dr. Joseph Vitolo's (5:45) "Dream Point" list of desirable nibs. What are the processes and characteristics that separate vintage pen points from their contemporary counterparts (20:27) and what goes on inside of these nefarious eBay listings? (33:16) Are "Dream Nibs" worth it, when it comes to price/value? (44:04) Finally, what can we as a community do to move the conversation away from mindless collecting and back to the individual evaluation of materials? (53:35)

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